Focusing Federal Forest Management on Protecting the Earth's Climate

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The Federal Forest Carbon Coalition (FFCC) is a broad-based national coalition that encourages federal forest management agencies to manage forests in ways that protect the Earth’s climate. Our focus includes minimizing the release of greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing carbon sequestration, and generating co-benefits for biodiversity, watersheds, nutrient cycling, and humans here and abroad, now and in the future, in just and equitable ways.

Forest management practices that minimize climate impacts will help reduce the impacts of climate disruption in the U.S. and abroad. They will also help conserve critical ecosystems and habitats and reduce the impacts of climate disruption on forests, biodiversity, watersheds, and communities locally and around the world.  Managing forests in ways that help regulate the climate is thus a deeply moral obligation as well as an economic and environmental responsibility for our nation.

What Organizations Are Involved with the Federal Forest Carbon Coalition?

FFCC members include organizations and individuals concerned about the links between climate disruption and the health of forests, biodiversity, watersheds, as well as the well-being of people and communities in the U.S. and globally, now and in the future. The members include:

Central-North Flyway of National                                   Audubon Society

 Midwest Environmental Advocates

The FFCC Steering Committee includes:
  • Bob Claus, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
  • Asoka Bandarage, Interfaith Moral Action on Climate 
  • Tammy Belinski, Virginia Forest Watch
  • Dominick DellaSala, GEOS Institute
  • Garry George, Audubon California
  • Doug Heiken, Oregon Wild
  • Steve Holmer, American Bird Conservancy
  • Steph Larsen, Center for Rural Affairs
  • Niel Lawrence, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Heather MacSlarrow, Colorado Mountain Club
  • Valerie Serrels/Victoria Loorz, Kids vs. Global Warming
  • Shelley Silbert, Great Old Broads for Wilderness
Plus founding members:
  • Bob Doppelt, The Resource Innovation Group (co-chair)
  • Ernie Niemi, Natural Resource Economics Inc. (co-chair)
  • Jim Furnish, former Deputy Chief, US Forest Service

The FFCC has established a Science Advisory Committee composed of top scientists knowledgeable about forest carbon issues. The members include:

Dr. Mark Harmon 
Professor and Richardson Chair in Forest Science
Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society
Oregon State University

Dr. Olga Krankina 
Associate Professor, Sr. Research
Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society
Oregon State University

Dr. Beverly Law 
Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society
Oregon State University
Dr. Stith T. Gower
Director of UW-Madison BioHouse
Profesor of Forest Ecosystem Ecology
Dept. of Forest & Wildlife Ecology
University of Wisconsin 

Mike Ryan
NREL, Colorado State University
Emeritus, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Matthew Hurteau
Assistant Professor
Ecosystem Science and Management
Pennsylvania State University

The FFCC has been endorsed by:

Mike Dombeck, former Chief, U.S. Forest Service
Jim Furnish, former Deputy Director, U.S. Forest Service

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